Why Far and Away Cycling?


We love cycling, but equally important is the joy of experiencing interesting places and new things. We look for spectacular locations outside the US, where the cycling is great, the country/culture is interesting and the people are cyclist friendly. We strive for challenging tours, comfortable accomodations and great food in places you probably haven't been to before.

Smaller groups

Our groups are no larger than about a dozen. This allows you to explore in the way you choose. You decide if you want to visit that church, you decide if you want to ad-lib a route. With a limited group size, we have the flexibility to explore new things on each and every tour. It is more fun.

Personal Attention

I set up and go on all the tours. If you need something, there is no one that you need to go through.  I enjoy the tours and want to make sure you do as well. 

Follow Us

Whether you are a customer, know a customer or are a reader simply passing through cyberspace, we hope that you will visit our Blog as well as our pages on Facebook and Twitter. We post running accounts of all our tours (Spain, Corsica, Slovenia, Croatia, Vietnam, Laos, India) so that anyone can take a “virtual journey” along with us.

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