Biking in Laos and Vietnam by Joan Oppel

Joan Oppel wrote this piece which appears in the March, 2010 issue of The Pedal Patter, the monthly newsletter of the Potomac Pedaler Touring Club.  Joan was on Tour d’ Indochine a year ago.

The article had no pics so I’m taking the liberty to add a few from the trip.

Visiting the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi


The guy who owned this water buffalo could not believe that it would let Joan hop on its back (apparently they can smell people and don't like it). I couldn't believe that Joan even tried it.

Joan on her way to Tram Ton Pass outside Sapa

Joan with Hmong girl in Kiu Kacham


Joan outside school getting ready to distribute books from Big Brother Mouse

L- Riding pal, Wayne R- Joan


The whole group at Tay Tran border crossing from Vietnam to Laos. L to R: Clive, Jose, Shawn, Wilma, Me- Bob, Joan, Richie, Wayne, Mark, Graeme and Dan.

A big thanks to Joan for sharing the experience!



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  • Chantal

    Joan, you have some talent girl! Not only are you a first class rider, you are also a first class writer!