4917 Cordell Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814




"Hidden among flashier neighbors on a stretch littered with noisy

cafes and bars, this Afghan place has quietly become one of

Bethesda's best restaurants by turning out cooking that makes

no compromises yet still manages to feel familiar."


"Our experience at Faryab was very pleasant. The service was

amicable and smooth..... All of the food was excellent. I'm

looking forward to returning to try some of the other dishes I

saw on the menu like their sambosas or Mantu - steamed

dumplings filled with ground beef and onions, served with yogurt

and meat sauces. Our check came to about $57 before tip, which

was very reasonable considering the quality of the overall

experience we had."


"I first tried this place because I needed to find a place for dinner

in Bethesda (not a chain), and it was on the Best Cheap Eats list.

Now, I've been burned by the Cheap Eats list in the past, but

Faryab Afghan was fantastic! I called for reservations, and the

owner was so friendly. I was on crutches, and they gave me a

prime table with an extra chair on which to prop up my leg."

....Michelle M




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